About FireSupplier

FireSupplier.net is the largest and most comprehensive online suppliers' directory for the global fire & safety professional.

Since 2004, FireSupplier has provided fire & safety specialists' world wide with direct access to suppliers of quality fire and safety products.

With over 28000 companies listed, in 52 product areas, covering over 100 countries, and searched by over 14,000 fire & safety specialists each month, FireSupplier.net has proven to be the most effective and most reliable online directory for the global fire industry.

Its success has been recognised by global oil company BP International and now forms the basis of the official BP International internal fire & safety suppliers' guide.


BP International

BP Fire and Safety

Due to the success of FireSupplier, the Edico Group has also been commissioned by the global oil company BP International to build and supply a comprehensive fire & safety equipment & services, online directory that will be made available to 100,000 BP employees worldwide.